Our Soapy Story

Hey Y'all! 

My name is Eric and I am the music teacher who started DoReMiFaSoap. I first stumbled upon a job at a soap making supply shop while I
was studying Music Education. I'm an artsy-fart through and through so
the hobby stuck and grew from making occasional soap for fun to opening an Etsy shop for friends, through the encouragement of my chosen sister, Nikki (also an incredible musician). When Nikki and our family provided me with an awesome opportunity, I decided to go full throttle and transition to a full-time business. (Can I get a "What what" for artists supporting fellow artists?)
DoeMiFaSoap is queer-owned, intentional with product development, and passionate about fun. Whether it's educating through group soap making classes or simply bringing a smile to your face with bright colors, clever names, or bubbly soap makers (pun INCREDIBLY intended), our goal is to walk with you from a mindset of "treat yourself" to "I'm that bitch who deserves this." I want to see you show up as an active creator in your own life...you're enough. 
Just for fun, here are two truths and a lie:
1. I once made soap for Queer Eye's JV
2. All our soaps have a single joy-filled teardrop in them
3. Just about every customer so far has thought about me while in the shower.
Alright, I don't cry tears of joy into the soap, but the sodium of the saline would contribute to a longer lasting bar. ;)
I am so satisfied to have this soapy connection with you - get in, we're living in harmony with ourselves one shower at a time.